Taipei Sightseeing Bus

Q & A

  • How can I buy Taipei Sightseeing Bus ticket?

    1.Tickets can be purchased on the official website in advance.    

    2.Tickets can be purchase from the conductor/conductress upon boarding. 

  • Can I buy tickets with a credit card upon boarding?And can I use Unionpay card or EasyCard?

    Bus is equipped with a comprehensive payment system and accepts the following payment methods:

    1. VISA, MASTER and JCB credit card,  and Unionpay card. It is recommended that you buy tickets online proir to the bus ride to avoid card running time.

    2. Apple Pay and Google Pay 

    3. Easycard and  iPass 

  • How is the ticket checked when boarding and deboarding the bus?

    Please scan the QR code on the ticket when boarding and deboarding the bus.

  • Can the ticket be reissued if lost?

    Please keep your ticket safe as ticket will not be reissued if lost. We recommend that you have a copy of your ticket. Ticket becomes invalid once stained, damaged or altered. 

  • I already buy the ticket but lost, can I reissue the ticket onboard or in the counter?

    You must retain your ticket and ticket reissue will not be accept. Please backup your ticket in your mobile device or print it and retain your ticket. The ticket shall be invalid when the ticket has been altered, damaged or without receipt.

  • How to make refunds? Is there any processing fee?

    When passengers apply for refunds of ordinary tickets, passengers should change or refund the ticket at the ticket counters or the place from where the tickets were issued. the remainder after deducting the processing fee (NT$30 per ticket) from the actual fare received shall be refunded to Passengers.

  • Is there any concession ticket for the elders? Can Foreign Passengers have the same treatment?

    Elders who are at or above the age of 65 (inclusive), and children whose are above age of 6(inclusive) and less than 12 (inclusive) years of age, may purchase the concession tickets by showing their ID Cards, Resident Certificate or Passport issued by the R.O.C (TAIWAN) Government.

  • Do children need to buy tickets? Is there any discounted ticket?

    Children above age 6 (including)and under age 12(including) are charged a half price with valid identification card.
    Children under age 6 are free of charge with a valid identification card.
    Every adult can take up to 2 children who are free of charge with them.

    Non-Taiwanese nationals without showing their ID Cards, Resident Certificate or Passport issued by the R.O.C (TAIWAN) Government must purchase full fare tickets; Eligibiity requirements for discounted tickets are in accordance with the regulation of that released by Taipei City Public Transportation Office.

  • When does Taipei Sightseeing Bus start operating? And what is the bus fare?

    1. The Taipei Sightseeing Bus had its first operation at 14:20 for Red Line and 14:30 for Blue Line on 18. January, 2017.

    2. For price information, please see .

  • Who is eligible for discounted ticket?

    Eligibles for half-priced tickets:
    1. Disability card holders
    2. Elders over age 65 (including age 65) (Foreigners with residence permit, Resident Certificate or Passport issued by the R.O.C (TAIWAN) Government) 
    3. Children above age 6 (including)and under age 12(including) with a valid identification card. (Foreigners with residence permit, Resident Certificate or Passport issued by the R.O.C (TAIWAN) Government)