Taipei Sightseeing Bus

The New Way to discover the different view of Taipei.

Provide a brand-new way for overseas and domestic travelers to travel in Taipei. Taipei City Government and our team introduce the double-decker bus and design two special sightseeing route of Taipei City. Hope you enjoy the charming Taipei City from the new attitude.

Professional Team

Our team established by San Chung Bus Co., E-GO and SANPU travel Service. We hope to promote the tourism industry of Taipei City by the brand-new sightseeing tool and a series double decker-bus and station design, combine with the promotion activity and to increase the benefit of the overall tourism benefits and raise the brand of the Taipei Sightseeing

Volvo Chassis, Galvanized Steel Pipe Frame, Safety Guaranteed.

Maximum 350HP with 143HP maximum torque. Maximum safety standard, Galvanized steel, Black steel structure, the skeleton is welding by high strength galvanized steel, and build the highest safety standard double-decker sightseeing bus.

Smart City, Smart Play

To build the high-tech buses in the smart city, Taipei Sightseeing Bus provides QR code ticket system with multiple payment, the passengers will get their QR code via mail after payment, boarding with QR code verification. Taipei Sightseeing Bus (hop on and hop off) aims to provide efficient and convenient service to achieve the concept of smart city and highly functional performance.

Foreign Language Tour Available

Taipei Sightseeing Bus is the only one double decker bus tour operator offering open-top bus in the World. Sightseeing has never been so much fun and distinctive! We have audio guide in five languages on board including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean and Thai. You can Hop-On and Hop-Off as many as you like to on our two routes. You won’t miss the best sightseeing spots and attractions with our tour.