Taipei Sightseeing Bus


  • 1.Tickets must be presented while boarding. The ticket will be invalid if damaged or altered
  • 2.E-tickets are not be registered, please keep your tickets with due care. The tickets will not be re-issued if they are lost or stolen
  • 3.To protect the rights of passenger and Taipei Sightseeing Bus, please confirm the certification of e-ticket while boarding
  • 4.Passengers must follow the timetables for the ride. If there happened situations like typhoon, accident, or an act of god to stop the bus, the official website will issue the announcement of the measure
  • 5.Only refund for unused E-ticket. Please contact customer center of Taipei Sightseeing Bus directly for refund process which is paid by credit card. The payment will be return to your account in a short time. You will be required to pay 30 NT dollars for the procedure fee
  • 6. For passenger’s safety, dangerous objects, trolley (castor without brake), balloons and birds are prohibited
  • 7.For passenger’s safety, carrying explosive/flammable/high volatility/radioactive/toxic/oxidative/corrosive/infectious/aggressive/compressed gas (except for medical use) objects are prohibited
  • 8.For more information, please check Taipei sightseeing Bus official website
  • 9. Please refrain from smoking and eating on the bus
  • 10. Please fasten your seatbelt before departure. Standing and walking on the bus, leaning on door and stretch your body out of the bus is not allowed when you are on the bus
  • 11. Do not occupy the wheel chair area without permission
  • 12. Please follow the guidance of the attendant while emergency happens
  • 13. For those who use the complimentary ticket should show your identity certificate for inspection. If the identity certificate is not eligible, you need to make up the difference of the price. Foreigners are required to show their Resident Certificate or Passport issued by R.O.C (TAIWAN) Government to buy the complimentary ticket. E-tickets only serve the adult ticket. Passengers who use the complimentary ticket and need to buy it on the bus.